Whether you need a van hire for home improvements, to move house, or for commercial use, Robinsons Hire Drive fleet is available for daily, weekly and monthly rentals. We have great value vans available from car-derived vehicles to large cargo vans. Give us a call today to hire your next van.

Small Van – From £30 / day

Please call for exact details however this size of van will typically be:

TransmissionManualPeople2 SeatsDoors3 Doors
Large BagStorage Dimension: 1.8m (L) x 1.2m (H) x 1.5m (W)
Note: Only 1.2m width between the wheel arches. These are average sizes and vary by model.

Small van hire

Come to Robinsons Hire Drive for the very best in small van hire. Small vans from Robinsons Hire Drive's fleet have an average capacity of around 3.2 square metres; the ideal size for delivery rounds, tradesmen and many other purposes. These vans may be small, but they come with a range of features, which may include an on-board computer, height-adjustable seats, adjustable steering wheel, cruise control and USB/Bluetooth radio. Often the passenger front seat can be folded to create even more space, and there is plenty of room for storage on the dashboard and parcel shelf. Both passengers benefit from an airbag should a collision occur and there are anchor points on the rear to secure heavy objects. With Robinsons Hire Drive, you get full backup from a team of industry specialists. All vans are subject to a preventative maintenance schedule, which means that your small van has been inspected for mechanical faults or other problems before you collect it.

Why hire a small van

There are so many reasons why you might want to rent a small van from Robinsons Hire Drive. Whether for domestic purposes or commercially, these vans are perfect for moving small items of furniture and other light haulage jobs. As a self-employed tradesman, such as a plumber, joiner or electrician just setting up in business, renting a vehicle rather than buying one or committing to a long-term lease can be a great option, preserving your working capital, saving you interest on a loan and giving you time to get established. Perhaps you are looking for a small van to get you through those home improvements you are doing; something in which you can collect building materials, kitchen or bathroom fittings, etc. from the wholesalers. Whether you hire for a day, a weekend, a week or longer, you can be sure of a great deal from Robinsons Hire Drive. Established businesses often approach Robinsons Hire Drive for small van rental to supplement their existing fleet of vehicles during seasonal peaks, to get that large order out. There is little point having unused vehicles, so hiring additional wheels only when you need them provides an effective and cost-effective solution.

Medium Van – From £40 / 4 Hours

Please call for exact details however this size of van will typically be:

TransmissionManualPeople3 SeatsDoors4 Doors
Large BagStorage Dimension: 2.4m (L) x 1.4m (H) x 1.7m (W)
Note: Only 1.3m width between the wheel arches. These are average sizes and vary by model.

Medium van hire

Van hire provides a flexible solution for businesses and private customers, especially when a car just does not have enough space for transporting bulky objects. Hiring a medium van is affordable and practical; this class of vehicle blends the ability to carry impressive payloads with user-friendly dimensions and a driving experience that is more akin to a car than to a larger, heavier van. Mid-size panel vans feature comfortable driving and seating positions, a very welcome bonus on longer journeys, in addition to manoeuvrability for those tight turns in urban environments. Typically, medium vans provide between five and six cubic metres of onboard load space depending on wheelbase dimensions, as well as seating for the driver and two front-seat passengers. Their engines deliver good pulling power with fuel economy. As the discerning self-drive hire customer would expect, Robinsons Hire Drive is delighted to offer an extensive selection of well-maintained, modern medium van rental options.

Why hire a medium van

Robinsons Hire Drive offers a super choice of spacious and powerful medium van rental alternatives, perfect for meeting business needs, transporting pieces of furniture or moving house. Competitive daily, weekly and monthly hire rates ensure extra flexibility. Before collection, all vehicles are cleaned and checked ready for each booking; Robinsons Hire Drive customers can count on a fully serviced and roadworthy vehicle to meet their requirements. Whether for business or trade use, luggage-heavy holiday travel or sports team equipment, modern and reliable mid-sized vans are a versatile and efficient form of transport – popular with cycling, backpacking or camping groups, as well as musicians and bands for travelling to events and gigs. Robinsons Hire Drive is committed to providing car and van hire customers with the highest standards of customer service.

Large Van – From £75 / day

Please call for exact details however this size of van will typically be:

TransmissionManualPeople3 SeatsDoors5 Doors
Large BagStorage Dimension: 3.2m (L) x 1.8m (H) x 1.8m (W)
Note: Only 1.3m width between the wheel arches in some models. These are average sizes and vary by model.

Large van hire

If you are looking for large van hire, why not examine the superb range of vehicles Robinsons Hire Drive has available in that category. These are vans from leading manufacturers, and they have proved themselves a popular choice for many different types of commercial business. They are all subject to Robinsons Hire Drive’s preventative maintenance policy, which means each van is subject to a rigorous series of tests prior to collection by the customer. Robinsons Hire Drive understands that customers look for reliability, practicality and versatility from vans in this class, and that is what they supply. Cabs seats three and are designed for comfort, taking into consideration the fact that for many drivers, vans have to operate as a mobile office. This is provided for by the inclusion of storage compartments and side pockets, and seat cushions that lift up so items can be stored inside. The bulkhead is full size and the rear will be fitted with load-lashing points for safe transportation of the load.

Why hire a large van

The load capacity of a large van makes it a perfect choice for businesses that need to regularly move large payloads. Robinsons Hire Drive van hire is not restricted to business; a large van is just the ticket for small house moves or transporting a large object, such as a grand piano. Boxes stack very easily in the storage compartment, aided by the fact that these vehicles do not have wheel arches taking up valuable space. Cumbersome, non-symmetrical loads can also be accommodated and secured safely, using straps attached to anchor points. Large vans are great for carrying large rolled materials, such as carpets, or for use as a vehicle for delivering white goods, such as American-style fridges, cookers, washing machines etc. There are situations when only a large van will do the job required. Irrespective of the period over which you want to hire your van, Robinsons Hire Drive will put together a great deal for you.

Luton Box Van (Tailift Inc) – From £85 / day

Please call for exact details however this size of van will typically be:

TransmissionManualPeople3 SeatsDoors3 Doors
Large BagStorage Dimension: 4.1m (L) x 2.6m (H) x 2.0m (W)
These are average sizes and vary by model.

Luton box van hire

Almost everyone can recognise a Luton van; a mainstay on Britain’s roads for many years. You only have to stand by a main road for a few minutes and several will pass you. It’s their versatility as a removal/medium range haulage vehicle that makes Luton vans so popular, and if you are worried about heavy lifting, why not look at Luton van tail-lift rental (not available on all models) from Robinsons Hire Drive. Basically, a Luton is a van cab and chassis, with a large box on the back that extends over the cab to provide additional storage space – this space is sometimes referred to as a kick. Cabs are comfortable and a big windscreen provides a great view of the road ahead, while large wing mirrors allow drivers to see easily behind them, though it is always an advantage to have a passenger who can guide you when backing up. A Luton is the largest van you are allowed to drive on a standard UK driving licence, which is another reason that they remain popular for domestic and commercial customers alike.

Why hire a Luton box van

A Luton van equipped with a tail-lift (not available on all models) takes a lot of the hard work out of that house move, and means you can complete it with less help than you might otherwise need. There really is no need to be straining to get large wardrobes or heavy domestic appliances into the van. You might be renovating your home rather than moving, and a Luton with a tail-lift (not available on all models) comes into its own when you are collecting building materials, flags, or weighty boxes of ceramic tiles, for example. If you have just set up your light haulage business, you might prefer to hire a Luton rather than take out a large loan to buy one outright. Robinsons Hire Drive will hire you a Luton van for a day, a week or longer. Whatever period you chose to hire your van over, Robinsons Hire Drive will do you a very competitive deal that you will find very difficult to better.

Packaging Materials

A range of options

Whenever you are looking to move items you will always need packaging materials. There will vary depending on your requirements however most common are; boxes, tape, bubble wrap and mattress protectors to name a few. We have a full range on offer and these can be viewed in detail on our self storage site. Head over there to see what we have a if you do not see something you may need, please let us know as we may be able to help you source or recommend a supplier.

Why use packaging materials

When you need to move items its alway easier to have them boxed up and labelled appropriately. This not only makes the moving of items easier at both ends of the job, it also make transporting the item easier. You can stack and pack boxes easier into the space available in the vans and it makes sure you maximise the transport options. Why hire a van bigger than you need! Pack your items correctly and your journey will be easier in the long run.


£2.50 per pair.

Why use gloves

Moving items can be a tough job and using gloves will help. Not only does this protect your hands from dirt, it helps give you better grip when lift items in and out of your van hire. When you need to lift larger items having that extra bit of grip will make the difference – you do not want to drop anything on your toes! Stay safe and wear protective gloves when you hire a van. You will thanks us in the long run.

Requirements to hire

To be able to hire a car or van we require the below information.

  • Full, Valid Driving Licence. No License, No hire.
  • Photographic I.D. will be required with old style paper driving license.
  • Driving Licence Summary, obtained from DVLA no longer than 72 hours before commencement of the hire.
  • Two additional forms of identification, dated no older than three months, showing your name and current address. E.g. Utility bill, Council tax, Sky/Virgin bill, Tenancy letter agreement, Lawyers letter etc.
  • At time of booking we may ask you for your License number, NI number and License postcode to speed up the booking process.
  • Local Council: Household waste E Permit company reference, enter: RHD. Also show hire agreement contract document when arriving at refuse site in a rented vehicle.


1What is included in the hire price?
Car hire rates include VAT and Insurance, terms and conditions apply.
2What is the cancellation policy?
The hirer must cancel before 48 hours of the hire booking, if not a booking charge will be applied. If a 9 seater all booking deposits are non refundable.
3What payment types do you take?
We accepts all major cards including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron, Solo. If you have a different type of card please call to discuss various options.
Robinsons Hire Drive Payment Types

Van hire rates include VAT and Insurance. All hires are subject to our terms and conditions. Vehicle pictures are for illustration only and do not represent the actual vehicle you may receive.